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18th December 2015

The sky is NOT the limit


Hello %FirstName%.

As our thoughts turn to Christmas I want to share something with you that could make your year in 2016. As with many profound and useful ideas, it's very simple and very thought provoking. It comes from an 11-year-old and I invite you to find somewhere quiet to contemplate how what she wrote could change your life next year ...if you choose to adopt it.

Let’s open the box so you can decide for yourself.

You just forgot HOW?


So what is this pearl of wisdom?

Well, let me tell you how I discovered it first. Emily, my daughter, who is 12 today has recently moved into a bigger room with a bigger wardrobe. A couple of weeks ago she asked me to look at the insde of her wardrobe door. She had plastered it with cut-outs of motivational sayings she found on the internet, and had added two of her own.

One is to the right here.

The other is my Top Quote (below), so have a quick look before you read on.

Take a moment! Really think about what you just read.

What limits are you putting on yourself in your business. In your career. In your life? If you weren't scared (of success, of failure, of really BEING you), who could you be; what could you achieve? 

When you think about it, the only thing that is stopping you being who you really want to be, is YOU.

Sir Ken Robinson reported in one of his TED talks that when 4-year-olds are assessed, 98% of them score as genius. The thing is that we get it educated out of us and we pick up all these beliefs about what is (or isn't) possible for us. That's why it takes a child to remind us.

So isn't it about time to remember that thing that you always wanted to do? To question what you believe is possible; and perhaps to choose some new beliefs so that you can become fulfilled and successful in your business, your career, your life.

Think on it ..ACT on it.

I wish you a peace and happiness this Christmas time. And I wish you the very best version of you for 2016.


Top quote


"Who said the sky is the LIMIT. It's just the start" 

Emily Cordle, age 11

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