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23rd November 2017

The end is nigh? Really! Who’d Have Thought It?


Hello %FirstName%.

How did you get on over the last month?  Did you notice how people interpret events differently? How has that helped you to communicate more effectively and remain calmer? I hope you've been having fun with that.

On to November, though. We're nearly at the end of our 10 month tour of the key mindsets and attitudes for success. This month is all about knowing where you're going, where you want to end up - quite topical as we're starting to look forward to 2018. Look out for an invitation to my free goal setting webinar in December at the end of this message. 

So let's open the box and crack on.

ALWAYS know the outcome


Always know the outcome  you want before you start something, however big or small that something is.

I guess it's kind of obvious when you think about it. But how often do you start doing something without thinking about the outcome you really want? It's very easy to launch into something without thinking about what is is that you want at the end.

It takes me back to my first career as a cartographer, most of which was spent mapping Africa. Creating a map is really useful. After all, if you haven't decided where you're going to, how do you know you're going in the right direction? How will you know if you're starting to go off course? Will you have alternative routes if you come up against obstacles? 

Big Goals

So, in terms of your big goals for 2018, think about what you want in different areas of your life and in your career. What will your life be like this time next year when you've achieved all that? What are the landmarks in along the way: the mini-goals that will move you towards those big goals. Once you do that it becomes very easy to make decisions because you'll start to instinctively know whether a particular choice will move you towards or away from your goal.

Little Goals

This concept doesn't just apply to the big goals and dreams that we have. What about the phone call you're about to make, or the meeting you're having later today? Deciding the outcome you want before you go will make a difference to the result. There may be practical or technical outcomes you want from a particular thing, but it can be just as powerful to decide that you're going to have fun in that meeting and come out with a smile on your face.

Don't be scared of "vague"

I often work with people who want to change their career. A natural question is "well how can I set a specific goal when I don't know what I want to do yet?" Its a perfectly reasonable question - if you don't know what career or role you want, how can you set a goal to get there? The secret is to define what it actually is that you want the outcome to be. At that stage the outcome might be best defined as "It is [insert date] and I have made a significant career decision".

So this month, in the big things and the little things, I invite you to always think, before you start, "what is the outcome I want here?". It could be transformational.

Next month we'll look at getting things done. In the meantime I Wish you happiness and success,


PS. I promised you an invitation, %FirstName%. 

On Tuesday 19th December at 19:30 I'm running a free goal setting webinar. I'll be sharing a powerful strategy to set your personal, professional, and personal professional goals. 

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Quote of the month


“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going”   Earl Nightingale

Free Webinar


Remember to let me know if you'd like a spot on my free goal-setting webinar on 19th December. 

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