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18th June 2017

Who’d Have Thought It? – If something is possible...


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It's time to change focus with our next mindset. The first three in our series were all about your underlying attitudes:

  • Recognising that you actually are in charge of your mind and can choose your responses in all situations
  • Being At Cause and taking resonsibility for all of the outcomes you are getting
  • Knowing that what you focus on consistently, you're likely to get more of in your life

This month we're all about opening your mind to what might be possible for you.

Let's open the box and find out how...'s probably possible for me


Let's just ponder the whole thing:  

​If something is possible, then it's probably possible for me

What was your immediate thought when you read that sentence? Just take a moment to notice and reflect. 

You might have thought "hell yeah! you're damn right it is" (or something to that effect) in which case it's probably a mindset that you already subscribe to and operate by. HOWEVER, you may have thought something along the lines of "well that's not true, there's loads of things I can't do".

Generally, the only limits to what we can achieve are the limits we create in our own mind.

There may be physical or other actual limitations that prevent you doing certain activities. But when you stop and think about it - really think about it - there are very few. I was trying to think of a personal example I could use here, but short of perhaps something like fitting into a space only a child could fit into, I struggled. 

You see I could say to you "I can't run a marathon" or "I'll never play in an orchestra".  Actually though, if I set myself a goal to do either of those things, there's no reason why I can't and every reason why I could do those things. Now, in the case of the first I'd have to get into some serious training and in the case of the second there are some sub-goals along the way such as learning to read music and to play an orchestral instrument. But, if I was motivated and I set my self a goal I could do it.

So, your challenge for this month: notice the thoughts that are limiting you. Are you saying "I'll never have enough money. I'll never be able to speak in front of an audience. I'm always nervous at an interview. I couldn't manage people. I can't do that job"? 

Pay attention to what you're thinking, and when you notice these limiting types of thought, challenge yourself with things like:

  • What if I could?
  • Why shouldn't/couldn't I?
  • If I learnt how, I could
  • If I asked [someone you know who can], I could learn
  • I can't do that YET

It just takes a little effort every day to transform your results. Isn't it at least worth giving that a go?

Wishing you happiness and success.


Quote of the month


“I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities”   Whoopi Goldberg

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