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18th October 2016

Change of plan


Hello %FirstName%.

Welcome to the October issue of Who’d Have Thought It.

And, who would have thought that I'd be changing this bulletin on the morning it's due out. Not me! However, I was so inspired by something my son Elliot was watching on News Round this morning that I had to share it with you.

The story was about a speach a 9-year-old gave to a community meeting about how black people in America are being treated. At the end of the report she was  interviewed in a park and had a message for children that I think so many of us adults could benefit from

So this issue is dedicated to her message. Let’s open the box and find out what it is.


Words you need to hear


Although her message is to children, we grown-ups would benefit from taking note: here's an excerpt from the message from 9-year-old Ziana Oliphant. 

"For all the children of the world that feel sad. You could be the best you could be. You could be anything you want to be. Just work hard to the the leader that you could be. Do not ever never be another person. Be Yourself and just..just speak from your heart ...."

I think that says it all so until next month...Be the best that you can be. Believe that you could be anything you want to be and make sure the young people in your life believe that too.


Ps. You can see the full report on the BBC Newsround Website here. The item starts around 4 minutes into the broadcast

Quote of the month


"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. This is something you have charge of

Jim Rohn

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