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Hello everyone,

Whoosh, gone, that was the whirlwind of August that flew straight past your nose! And what a beautiful summer month it was too. Endless balmy days and evenings spent enjoying time with our favourite people in gardens, parks and wonderful places of interest steeped with heaps of natural beauty. 

The fruits of our labour really come into their own during the holiday seasons. Summer holidays in particular seem to gently guide and connect us with nature on so many levels, enabling us to completely cleanse and refresh our minds and priorities. Sow, nurture, repeat and so on. 

Drift into the late summer with a renewed sense of vigour and openness ready to be inspired by what we have to share with you in this month's newsletter, let us help you sow and nurture your private practice and therapy business.

Our partner WebHealer contributed another great article to our blog last month with some important but straightforward tips on getting your website a top place on Google. It’s part of a series explaining their AIDAN methodology which they use to help clients get top results from their websites. Here’s a link to the article and look out for the new one this month – how to make sure your website visitors stay and read what you have to say.

We always like to hear feedback from our members, so please do let us know if there is anything else you would like us to bring to you in upcoming newsletters by replying to this email or telephone: 01173 250990. Meanwhile may you continue to enjoy the latter part of our beautiful summer and all it has to offer.

Bye for now,

Be an early bird to reach the summit!
The Mad World Summit is a global conference and exhibition dedicated to making a difference to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. It’s a unique event where early movers and visionary pioneers are working together to advance the agenda, promote best practice and engage new voices. The event will take place on 9 October 2019, the day before World Mental Health Day at 133 Houndsditch in Central London. They are offering PPH an exclusive 40% discount to the first forty people to sign up. Register now using discount code PPH40. Their amazing 20% discount offer will apply thereafter.

Therapy rooms to rent by the hour
Brighter Spaces provide professionally designed consulting rooms that can be booked for an hour or even a day. They have created a home away from home for all therapists/coaches and wellness professionals. There is no on-going commitment or membership fee, you get a personal concierge service and waiting room, an easy to use online booking system and 1 free hour to use at the start. Sound interesting? Call them on 020 8617 9494 or visit Brighter Spaces to arrange a tour.

Ever felt like you’re chasing your tail, replying to messages or chasing up missed calls?
If the answer is yes, then it’s time to act. By using Clinic Answer’s vast experience in online diary management you can ensure your working time is spent treating patients and not running to the phone every few minutes or worrying about missing any new enquiries. 

How Clinic Answer can help: 

Appointments booked on calls, no more missed opportunities, get on with what you do best, maintain and enhance a professional image at all times. Experience their full range of services with a FREE no obligation 30-day trial. Call Chris Munro today on 0330 0552 700 or visit Clinic Answer to arrange your free trial.

Special benefits from our new website partner WebHealer
WebHealer are the leading provider of websites to therapists. They promise to talk to you in plain English rather than technobabble and they can have you online and on Google quicker than you thought possible - and for a price you will love. That’s why we chose to partner with and recommend WebHealer to members. Click here to see the generous terms WebHealer are offering PPH members.

i9 encourage Informational Energy Potential (IEP)
The i9 bottle is made of glass and through innovative technology based on homeopathy and bioenergy positively influences our general wellbeing: it helps increase vitality, as well as our ability to combat stress, disease and other harmful factors. It allows water to change its genotoxicity level and expedite organism regeneration. i9 products greatly compliment various therapies on the energy level. Technology behind i9 is backed by 40 years of research & innovation and received various international recognitions and awards.

Are you ready to go digital?
Following HMRC’s “Making Tax Digital” (MTD) initiative we’ve heard lots of talk from fellow practitioners about “going digital” more broadly across their practice. WriteUpp’s article, Ready to really make your practice “digital”?, focuses on four compelling reasons to consider expanding your digital horizons beyond tax -
Improving your work:life balance
“Buying” yourself more time
The positive impact of happy clients
How to gain peace of mind

Read the full article here.

Network and grow your client list
The networking scene gets back in full swing for September and it’s time to get out there and MEET people! Networking is the fastest way to grow your client list. Try it – Passion to Profit know it works because they’ve done it themselves! They’ve compiled a handy Guide to Networking to help you find the right events and navigate them so you get the most from them! 


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Egress, in partnership with PPH is offering a 15% discount for therapists looking to use Egress to secure the sensitive client information they share. Click here for more information


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