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Hello everyone,

Summer greetings from us all here at Private Practice Hub. So here we are in the midst of a beautiful English summer.

Are you taking good care of yourself during the hot weather? Sunhats and shade to keep you cool, plenty of water to stay hydrated and delicious nutrition to keep you running like a well-oiled machine until you reach that long awaited and well deserved holiday destination? 

How about your private practice, does it look after itself during the summer months or is it in danger of collapsing into a hot sticky mess? Our newsletter is full of cool ideas to keep your business temperatures stable. So pop on your sunhat, slip into your flip-flops, pour yourself a chilled glass of water, relax on a sun lounger under a beautiful tree and completely indulge yourself whilst taking care of your business needs all at the same time.

Did you like the first of our specially commissioned articles from WebHealer, sharing the expertise behind their AIDAN methodology which they use to help clients get top results from their websites? Here’s the article if you missed it. Following on from this top level summary, their next article due soon goes into more detail about the mysteries of search engine optimisation (SEO)!

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Watch out for the re-launch of our Ask the Expert webinars coming soon. Meanwhile, whet your appetite by watching our previous webinars.

So ... now you are feeing suitably refreshed and invigorated, invest that blissful summer energy into your therapy business and let it shine from within.

Best wishes

Do you REALLY need a practice management system?
In 2 minutes this short video should help you decide if a practice management system is for you and spur you on to investigate the various options in more detail. Watch here.

Special benefits from our new website partner WebHealer
WebHealer are the leading provider of websites to therapists. They promise to talk to you in plain English rather than technobabble and they can have you online and on Google quicker than you thought possible - and for a price you will love. That’s why we chose to partner with them and recommend them to members. Click to see the generous terms WebHealer are offering PPH members.

Improving the client experience
Summer has arrived! For many Practitioners, this sees a downswing in the number of clients as people’s attention turns to holidays. If you’re experiencing a quiet period, this is the ideal time to take a good look at your Practice from the perspective of a client: sit in the waiting room, lay down on your couch and see what your clients see. Then ask yourself how you can make the experience better and more rewarding for your clients. This could be anything from better lighting, newer magazines or a water cooler. Perhaps your ceiling needs a lick of paint? Put yourself in their shoes and improve their experience! Get some more advice about driving your business forward, have an hour’s chat, completely free of charge, with Passion To Profit For Practitioner’s Head of Mentorship, David Roylance. Book your call!

PEMF therapy for sports injury recovery
Following a recent shoulder injury, British Gymnast and Champion, James Hall, has been using PEMF therapy to help him in his recovery. NewMed recently interviewed James at his training gym and during the interview he stated he would definitely recommend PEMF therapy to others. He found using the Emfield Pro helped to speed up his recovery process. Visit PEMF professionals to watch his video testimony about the product he used and find out how to introduce this therapy into your clinic or practice.


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