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Do you ever see an image of a dish that tantalises each and every taste bud all at once? It draws you in just far enough to explore the individual components, and very quickly you realise you love them all and begin to visualise how this beautiful bowl of delightfulness comes together while imagining the aroma such a delicate blend of flavours will create. Your senses have been awakened, you are inspired and ready to create a culinary masterpiece!

We bring you our July newsletter crammed full of practical ideas, exciting offers and genius solutions for your practice, products and services you may never have realised existed before, never knowing the true benefits these tools can bring. Take a quiet moment to enjoy the newsletter, allowing yourself to be inspired, imaginative and creative to nourish and invigorate your therapy business.

We will also soon be bringing you a new regular blog feature from the team at Webhealer - they specialise in creating professional websites for therapists and cater for technophobes and techno experts alike! They will be sharing their expert practical knowledge and advice with you in a regular blog article written specifically for Private Practice Hub which we believe you will find useful to your therapy business. 

The digital era touches upon many, if not all, aspects of our day to day lives, both on a personal and business level. With such a vast amount of software based products on the market today it can be a bit of a minefield trying to muddle your way through and decide what might serve your practice best. Here at Private Practice Hub we would really like to understand which software based products you currently use in your Therapy Business, how you use them, the benefits they bring and any other information you think would be useful to other therapists looking to invest in software for their business. Please submit your Software Comments & Feedback

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I hope you enjoy this newsletter. As always, we really do appreciate your feedback, suggestions and ideas, of any kind, as this enables us to make improvements and deliver exactly what you need to help start, manage or grow your therapy business so please send us your Newsletter Feedback

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The non-holidaying, non-lunching, appointment booking receptionist
If your practice is missing calls, then the traditional solution is to hire a full-time receptionist. Even then an in-house receptionist can struggle to greet patients and manage calls effectively. Holidays and absence can also lead to missed opportunities and dissatisfied patients. Clinic Answer’s award-winning team answer calls and web chats, for practices across the UK. Crucially, their specialist working knowledge of over 40 online diary systems means they can book your appointments whilst on the call. Experience the full range of services with a FREE no obligation 30-day trial. Call Chris Munro today on 0330 0552 700 or visit Clinic Answer to arrange your free trial.  

Special benefits from our new website partner WebHealer
WebHealer are the leading provider of websites to therapists. They promise to talk to you in plain English rather than technobabble and they can have you online and on Google quicker than you thought possible - and for a price you will love. That’s why we chose to partner with them and recommend them to you. Check out the generous terms WebHealer are offering PPH members or contact them directly by email or on 0345 557 0300. 

Achieve your goals and get more clients
If you’re not earning enough money, you’re not helping enough people! That’s the truth of it. If you became a Practitioner to help people with their pain, sleep better, train harder – whatever your speciality is for helping people live better lives – if you’re struggling financially then you’re not helping as many people as you could. The fastest way to build your client list is to get out there and network! With everyone! Tell your friends and family what you actually do, the problems you solve for people – not just your qualification or your job title as most people don’t really understand what that means. Then get into some networking events and repeat the process. Passion to Profit have created a free Guide to Networking to give you the how and the where to help you Get More Clients Now! Take action today!

Want to give your clients and patients an exceptional level of customer service?
Rehab My Patient is pleased to announce the release of a new version of their iOS app which has greater functionality, an improved user experience, and makes exercise prescription even faster. Rehab My Patient is still the leading exercise prescription tool for therapists and offers users a brilliant way to make their clinic look super professional whilst offering clients and patients a super service. Get 20% discount with code PPH20.

Would you like to see PEMF therapy in action? 
Following the success of the COPA show at Excel London as part of the Elite Sports Expo, NewMed have now confirmed attendance at two upcoming exhibitions later this year. If you want to see some of the highest powered PEMF systems on the market, in use, consider visiting them at either Physiotherapy UK 1st - 2nd November or Therapy Expo 27th – 28th November, both in Birmingham! If you won’t be attending these events but want to see how these systems work, request a trial for your practice. 

Ever wondered if you needed a practice management system?
As the saying goes “you don't miss what you never had” and it’s never truer than when it comes to software. How do you know the latest “must have” system is going to do a job for you without making a wholehearted commitment to use it? To help you get to grips with what you’re missing out on (or not!) watch this short video from the team at WriteUpp. If you feel that technology is not quite ‘your thing’ there’s no need to worry at all because WriteUpp have got you covered! They host a rolling schedule of FREE WriteUpp webinar events to help you navigate and utilise the great range of features and performance their software can deliver. So don’t miss out on the value WriteUpp can add to your business allowing you to focus more on what you do best.

ITL Health Ltd announce the launch of PrizMAG
ITL Health, the manufacturer of the highly popular MAG365 ionic magnesium citrate powder, is pleased to announce the launch of PrizMAG and PrizMAG Plus, a pure chelated magnesium bisglycinate that is free from excipients, stearates and magnesium oxide. PrizMAG is easily tolerated by the bowels and is small enough to pass through the cell walls. PrizMAG is the next generation of magnesium – get 25% off with code PPH25

How to list or find a therapy room for hire
Do you know we have a database which is FREE to use? A basic listing includes contact details, image, availability and you can update your details at any time. There is also an option to upgrade for as little as £5 per month (on a rolling basis) and this will give you guaranteed inclusion on the first page of results, regular promotion in our monthly email newsletter and across our social media platforms. A great example is our current featured listing - Harley Street therapy room which boasts a very bright spacious room. What are you waiting for? Register with PPH to view and add therapy rooms TODAY.


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