Hello everyone,

Spring is now upon us with plenty of sunshine around (and April showers, of course) to get us all up and active, enjoying the great outdoors.

And what a great time to spring clean your therapy business to freshen up ideas and business goals. Whether you’re a new therapist trying to get yourself noticed, or a successful therapy practice looking to grow, we’ve got something for everyone, so let us help take your business to the next level.

Here at the Private Practice Hub we are excited about presenting our very own “Ask the Expert: The Business of Therapy” panel discussions at two major events on the therapy industry calendar during May: COPA 2019 and iCAAD London 2019. Why not join us at these events? Check out the articles below for more information.

We are also working towards launching our new, and very much improved, website later this quarter. If there is anything you would like to see added to our new website please email Private Practice Hub with your suggestions.

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Software tools - we need your help!
We’re in the process of creating a comprehensive list of software tools that therapists use and recommend and we want to know all about the software you use in your practice day to day. Simply email Private Practice Hub with information of any technology or software you can’t live without in your practice.

Reduce the risk of depression and anxiety with Resilience for Therapists
Research shows resilience training can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, as well as protect against stress related harm. ResilienceForTherapists.com has set up an online course, for counsellors and psychotherapists, in evidence-based resilience practices they can use themselves and pass on to their clients. Run by psychotherapist trainer and supervisor Jane Sanders and resilience specialist Chris Johnstone, it draws on Chris's new book "Seven Ways to Build Resilience" 
published on 18th April. They're offering a 
free online taster course from April 11th and a free webinar on 18th April. Their seven-module online course starts on May 2nd - see the video here

Your personal invitation to Europe's largest mental health conference
iCAAD London is a 3 day conference dedicated to the Behavioural, Emotional and Mental Health fields. The conference has over 60 presentations under a wide range of categories including: addiction, mental health, workplace solutions, family/youth, trauma, psychosocial, wellbeing and many more.  More details can be found on the electronic 3 day schedule where you can search for the presentations of interest by themes or speaker.

No matter what the methodology, treatment, model, programme, belief or clinical approach - all who gather together at iCAAD are there to further their learning, to evolve in their knowledge and to come away with a broader skill set with relation to the prevention and treatment of behavioural, mental and emotional health issues; the continuum of recovery; quality of life, and the healing of individuals and families. Together we are collectively shaping the future.

They are offering a 20% discount to all PPH members using the discount code PPH20. To book your tickets and reserve your seats for the presentations of your choice click here.

Don't miss out on this chance to get your CPD!
If you’re looking for some CPD in 2019, don’t forget to check out the Events section of the PPH website. You’ll find all sorts of relevant courses, webinars and online sessions to help you in your therapy practice. 

One really interesting session is being run by Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, founder of Compassion Focused Therapy. It’s a workshop called ‘A compassionate approach to the forms and functions of self-criticism’ in London on 1st May. This session will be invaluable if you work with clients who have low self-esteem, chronic self-hatred or a pervasively negative self-image.

All of the techniques you’ll learn can be incorporated into your existing therapeutic practice, giving you more tools to address these painful problems and you’ll be hearing about the therapy directly from the treatment-developer. The workshop will give you 6 hours CPD. 

Ready to automate your practice management and say goodbye to paperwork?
If the answer is YES, then why not take a FREE 30 day trial of WriteUpp’s ISO27001 certified cloud-based practice management software? You can be up and running in 30 seconds by just clicking hereIt's used by thousands of therapists in over 20 countries and is famed for its ease of use and the fabulous support that the WriteUpp team provide. 

Whether you want to reduce no shows by sending out text reminders, comply with GDPR or fast track your payments with Stripe integration, WriteUpp will help to streamline your practice. Read WriteUpp’s reviews, left by therapists just like you, on Facebook.

Don't miss our Private Private Hub 'ask the expert' session at COPA
Have you registered for your free pass to attend COPA on 8th & 9th May yet? Sign up for your pass in advance here for a great opportunity to get business advice from over 300 experts as well as CPD points for all attendees. This year, there is a dedicated seminar stream on The Business of Physical Therapy aimed at helping therapists to understand the latest trends, policy, innovations and approaches to delivery of quality care; strategies for improved efficiencies; opportunities for diversification; and practical advice on how to cost effectively grow their practice. Click here for full details.

Spring into networking to get more clients quickly!
How do you find new clients? Do you rely on your website pulling people in? Perhaps you spend hours on social media, trying to find the right things to post that will encourage people into your practice? Perhaps, you’re not finding either of these online methods working very well! Well, you wouldn’t be alone and you aren’t the first! However, we’re pleased to say, there is a far more effective solution to getting new clients through your door: networking! Now, for many Practitioners, the idea of networking involves butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms but the bottom line is this: effective and targeted networking is one of the best sources of new clients. But don’t worry – Passion to Profit have a 10-Step Check List that will help you build confidence for networking and dramatically increase your referrals. Once you’ve started seeing a return on this investment in your Practice building skills, we guarantee you’ll love the results you get! Download: Your FREE Networking Guide.

Are you maximising the value of each client?
What if there was a way for your clients to experience a prolonged effect of your treatment, where they would come back to you for more and you could earn more money from each of your clients? That sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Well, now you can. 

ActivePosture has brought the Californian Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 to the UK market. This product is listed as a medical device class 1 and will help your clients have more focus on their posture, making it the perfect tool when combined with physiotherapy.

You might wonder how your practice can benefit from this, but you can do like hundreds of physiotherapists are already doing across Europe and become a selected stockist and sell the shirt to your clients in your practice. ActivePosture allows you to stock as little as 20 shirts, which won’t take up much space.

I can also hear you asking what happens if you don't sell anything. Well, that’s the best part. ActivePosture has a 60-day risk-free B2B-scheme, meaning you don't pay anything up front. You can return all unsold products after 60 days, only paying for the products you’ve sold.

It is a no-brainer so get in touch with the guys at ActivePosture now by emailing info@activeposture.co.uk. If you say hello to them from Private Practice Hub, then they’ll take extra good care of you! 

Running a business to support your private practice
Private Practice Hub founder, Geoff Simons recently featured on a podcast hosted by Gordon Brewer from The Practice of Therapy. For more background information please see our podcast blog and enjoy listening to the podcast

I hope you have enjoyed our April newsletter. We love hearing from you, so please email Private Practice Hub letting us know what you would like us to share in upcoming newsletters or would like to see added to our new ‘work in progress’ website.

Happy Easter one and all.

Best wishes
Geoff Simons

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