Hello everyone,

We’re all really busy at Private Practice Hub this month. We’ve got lots happening with the website and some other ongoing projects, but we really want to hear from you.

We want to know all about the software you use in your practice day to day. We’re creating a comprehensive list of tools that therapists use and as software is such an important part of a practice we want to start with that.

Simply reply to this email and send us information on the technology and software you can’t live without in your practice.

Chatbot trials
We’re also really interested in hearing from any therapists that are keen to get ahead of the game and trial Chatbots and AI in their practice. This space is moving so quickly and is really taking off. We think it has a place in therapy businesses so get in touch if you’re interested in discussing our project with us. Just reply to this email or call Geoff Simons on 0117 325 0990.

Our website
The website is going through a massive refresh behind the scenes and we can’t wait to launch it to show you what we’ve been doing. But in the meantime, there is still loads of useful content that can help you and your practice grow and develop in 2019.

There are lots of new blogs and we’re busy booking in some new Ask the Expert Webinars. Check the webinars page for more information and to listen to our previous guests.

Don’t forget our ‘Five Pillars of Practice’ either. They’re there to make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips to make your practice a success.

Thankfully the self-assessment deadline has now passed and hopefully you got your tax return in on time. But if you’re thinking you need some help and assistance with your accounts and tax returns, there’s a great offer from Michael Bennett on our Business Partners pages. Just log into your account to see what he’s offering therapists.  

Are you looking to make a fresh start in 2019?
If you are, you could think about using WriteUpp’s ISO27001 certified cloud-based practice management software. It's used by thousands of clinicians in over 20 countries and their infrastructure is world-class. They’ve invested heavily in Microsoft’s Azure technology to create a highly resilient and reliable product that you can rely on day in day out. Their software is feature rich and being enhanced at an astounding pace whilst their service is second to none. If you’re in any doubt take a look at their Facebook Reviews. If you feel it’s time to move on and make a fresh start in 2019 you can take a FREE 30 day trial today - click here.

Get more clients to help more people
February has arrived, and it’s brought winter with it. But has it brought you more clients? As practitioners, our goal is to help people and once we’ve helped them, we need to find more people to help! But where do you find those people? How do you fill your appointment diary? If you’re struggling to answer these questions, join Passion to Profit on Wednesday, February 27th for a FREE one-hour webinar called Get More Clients Now! As the title suggests, during this hour, they will show you how you can get more clients and keep getting more clients, so you can help more people and earn more money. Watch this space, registration details will be released on the 15th February.

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Private Practice Hub on LinkedIn
We’ve got a very active LinkedIn group full of therapists so if you’re on LinkedIn, come and join us. Click here to request to join. 

As always, we’d love to hear from you with feedback on our newsletter. Let us know what you want to see from us and we’ll do our very best to give that to you.

Have a great February and see you next month.

Best wishes
Geoff Simons

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