Good 2019 to you,

It’s time to start making commitments for the year ahead. At PPH we are the same, we are thinking about what we want 2019 to look like for us and for you. New year’s resolutions are rarely kept, so make sure your new beginnings this January are sustainable.

You can start by making a plan. Understand what your goals are for 2019 and what you need to achieve them. Once you’ve got your plan and the tools you need to put that plan into place, make yourself accountable. You can do this by getting yourself a business coach or mentor who can help you to push yourself to do what you’ve promised.

Will you take the challenge and push yourself to achieve your goals this year?

As part of our 2019 commitment, we’re launching a new project this January.  Practitioner Marketing Hub is a new venture of ours. It’s a site that’s completely focused on marketing for therapists. There will be loads of great information on there along with some businesses that can help you achieve all you need to when marketing your practice. We will be launching the new site in the next couple of weeks, look out for more details in our next newsletter and see what you can do to start marketing your practice differently this year.

Continuing with the theme of new beginnings, we’ve just started our quarterly Offers Newsletter so you have all the amazing offers and deals we have for you in one place. Make sure you look out for it every quarter, so you can get the very best deals for your therapy business. 

Our Offers Newsletter isn’t the only benefit you get from being a member of Private Practice Hub. We’ve revamped our events directory so it’s easier to find the training course or event you want. As always, you get access to our valuable resources on the website, along with guest and featured blogs and access to our Ask The Expert webinars. You get all of this completely free so don’t forget to share Private Practice Hub with all your professional connections.

We’re really looking forward to 2019 as we’re developing so much this year. Our next project is Chat Bots. We want to work with ten practices who understand the value that Chat Bots could bring to their practice and want to get ahead of the pack. If this is you, reply to this email and we’ll be in touch.

We’re also working hard to update the Private Practice Hub website to make sure it’s the best it can be for you. Keep an eye out for updates in our monthly newsletters.

UK Therapy Hub New Year sale
Our sister website UK Therapy Hub, one of the UK’s largest online therapy directories is having a January Sale. You can sign up now for 12 months for only £12.50, which is half price. That’s just over £1 a month to feature your profile in a therapy directory accessed by lots of new potential clients. Why wouldn’t you? Sign up here and use discount code JANOFFER and make the most of 2019.  

Looking to make a fresh start in 2019?
WriteUpp’s ISO27001 certified cloud-based practice management software is used by thousands of clinicians in over 20 countries. Their infrastructure is world-class and they’ve invested heavily in Microsoft’s Azure technology to create a highly resilient and reliable product that you can rely on day in day out.

Their software is feature rich and being enhanced at an astounding pace and their service is second to none. If you’re in any doubt take a look at their Facebook Reviews. If you feel it’s time to move on and make a fresh start in 2019 you can take a FREE 30 day trial today - click here. 

How are your resolutions going?
The New Year brings Resolutions! Resolutions to get fitter, eat better, drink less alcohol and work harder. The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that often we make unreasonable promises to ourselves, determined to revolutionise our lives by making sweeping changes. But these resolutions often fail leaving us feeling dejected and repeating the same old patterns.

What if we said we could help you change that this year by giving you a robust, proven framework that will help you transform your business and your life? 

Passion to Profit for Practitioners is the only UK mentorship programme developed by Practitioners specifically for Practitioners! Why not book a 30-minute Strategy call with their Head of Mentorship, David Roylance. They will guarantee you’ll leave the call with an action plan, excited and motivated to make 2019 your best year so far!

Free webinar from Egress
If you’ve been thinking about the data in your practice and you’re keen to consider how technology can help protect this data and your business, you should attend this free webinar by Egress on Monday 21st January at 3-4pm.

You’ll get practical guidance from them on:
Innovative but simple tools you can use to protect your data
Tips on what to look for when considering a new solution
How these tools can help your business comply with GDPR and protect all your data.

Register for the webinar here and find out more about Egress, along with any special offers they have for Private Practice Hub members on their Business Partner PageThis webinar is aimed at businesses of between 1 and 50 people.

I really hope you enjoyed the newsletter this month. We’d love to get some feedback on what you like or ideas on what you want to see in your newsletter this year.  We welcome all feedback, reply to this email and we’ll get back to you. 

Enjoy the rest of January.

Best wishes
Geoff Simons

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