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Face 2 Face - Sleep Practitioner Training

We in the Face 2 Face Befriending team are excited to share that due to the amount of feedback we have from parents and carers, telling us the challenges they face around sleep as a family, we are now taking part in Sleep Practitioner Training with The Children’s Sleep Charity. 

This training includes lectures from Leading sleep pediatricians around medication, sleep disorders and children with additional needs. An enuresis specialist offering insights into bedwetting and sleep. A clinical psychologists talking about attachment, anxiety and sleep, a bedroom environment expert as well as the founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity.

The Children’s Sleep Charity strongly believe “All children should be supported to get a good night’s sleep and that the importance of sleep for children’s and young peoples mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is valued” 

We will be bringing this support locally to Telford and Wrekin to parents and carers through our Face 2 Face emotional and practical support. If you would like more information around this area of our practical support please get in touch:

Email - face2facepods@hotmail.com

Tel – 07557 130 091

Facebook – Face2Face Telford and Wrekin (Private Message)



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