As another stud season draws to a close, there is still plenty happening here with freezing stallions arriving, The BEVA Congress. The FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships at Lanaken and much more. Read on to find out more...


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Blog #2 - This month, Tullis provides a mini tutorial on the AV Room, running through how to prepare your AVs (Artificial Vaginas) and the optimum temperatures needed for the equipment before you collect the semen from the stallion. To watch this video, click here. Tullis will be covering a variety of topics over a 12 month period, this being the second in the series. To view other blogs, please visit our YouTube channel, click here. In addition to "2 Minutes With Tullis", there is an archive of other videos from over the years, including a personal favourite of mine, Demonstrator and Ferdi Eilberg running through some of their Grand Prix repertoire and also some of our stallion parades in recent years.

Stallion AI Services On Tour - Part 2

The BEVA Congress

It is that time of year again when Tullis and Kate join Ellie from ERS Ltd to exibit at The BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) Congress. Both the Stallion AI Services and ERS stand were busy over the few days with our sperm pens and sperm keyrings proving more popular than ever! In addition to meeting up with vets and associated equine professionals, there were a number of interesting lectures which Tullis and Kate attended. In particular, the "Endocrine diagnositcs in subfertile stallions" and "Self-mutilation behaviour in stallions" were food for thought. 


The last leg of Tullis' travels was at the Zangesheide Show at Lanaken, Belgium. The event was a showcase of the Zangesheide studbook's stallions and youngstock and the calibre horses present was impressive. It was a good opportunity to meet influencers in world sport horse breeding; the studbook's founder Léon Melchior and also Germany's Paul Schockemohle to name but a few. It is safe to say that after the last few weeks of travelling, Tullis was ready for his Horlicks and a good sleep at home! It may take him a while to recover!


What makes Stallion AI Services Different?
Find out why you should choose us


Your stallion is your pride and joy whether he's a top competition horse or your horse of a lifetime so we appreciate it is hard to send your beloved boy away. With this in mind, we have CCTV cameras throughout the entire centre including one in each stable. Stallion owners can veiw their own stallion on a private camera via the internet on your PC, tablet or Smart phone, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. Why not view are live yard cam now on the STALCAM page to see whats going on?

We are a DEFRA approved Worldwide semen collection, storage and distribution centre. We can not only store and distribute semen we have collected and frozen on centre but also semen from stallions who have had their semen collected and frozen elsewhere, provided the straws have the correct health papers.

We have the expertise and the equipment to get the very best out of your stallion. With a fluorescent microscope, up to date laboratory equipment and knowledgable staff, we believe we have the winning combination to obtain the best results in semen collection and processing.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact Kate on 01948 666295 or email kate@stallionai.com.   


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